Make a new Web into Blockchain Technology

Inescoin new web

Secure Inescoin Wallet

Inescoin allows transactions like any cryptocurrency, but there are no UTXO.

Inescoin Wallet

Thus value of each wallet is materialized in each node in a decentralized way. 51% type attacks, which consist of holding more than 51% of overall computing power in order to corrupt blockchain, are made impossible thanks to Wallet Bank Hash which is essential to the creation of a new transaction.

For each transaction you can send up to 25 transfers.

Inescoin Wallet

Inescoin new web

Encrypted Inescoin messaging

Inescoin new web

Inescoin has a messaging system to communicate in a totally encrypted way, only the interlocutors can decipher the content of the messages.

  • This messaging allows users to contact any Inescoin address known in the blockchain.
  • You will need to have at least completed one transaction to be able to use it.
  • The communication service is launched in parallel with the blockchain and communicates directly with Inescoin nodes.
  • Then each message is sent to all nodes and kept 3 days on each node. After that it doesn’t exist anymore, and above all it’s never integrated into the blockchain.
  • This enables fully encrypted end-to-end communication, as Whatsapp and Telegram, using the blockchain as verification medium.
  • Moreover, you can communicate with any Inescoin address.

Inescoin explorer

Your website into Inescoin blockchain

As indicated by his name, the website manager allows to handle the whole website. It’s through it that the domain name will be created, renewed or even deleted.

The site manager also allows users to modify the content (page tab) and his appearance (theme tab), to add products and finally to sell products.

Inescoin Security

Here are the different actions proposed: 

  • You can create your domain name, however in order to avoid any abuse, the use of domain requires having Inescoin, each domain has a limited lifespan, which can be repeated endlessly.
  • You have the possibility to update site information, to renew your domain and permanently delete your site and domain name from blockchain.
  • If you decide to delete your website, all content sent to the blockchain since the beginning of introduction of this domain is deleted and no more data related with the domain will be accessible.

Inescoin new web

Blockchain explorer

Inescoin new web

Inescoin allows you to visualize the entire blockchain content.


The purpose of the explorator is to check if the data exists in the blockchain, from a block key, a transaction, a transfer, a wallet address or a domain name. It also allows blockchain status with real time information. For instance, when you make a transfer, you can send a transaction hash so that it can be easily checked if it exists in the blockchain and what its status is.

Inescoin explorer

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2Q 2018
Idea and POC
Concept research and development
Preparing the dev environment
1Q 2020 - 4Q 2021
Version 1
Building Blockchain Consensus
Realization of the wallet
Realization of the explorer
Realization of instant messaging
1Q 2022 - 3Q 2023
Website builder
Realization of the CMS
Realization of product manager
1Q 2024
2Q 2024
First listing on exchange
3Q 2024
Finalization of the Android and IOS application
Optimization of instant messaging
4Q 2024
Launch of the blockchain!
Switch coin ERC20 to Inescoin Blockchain


Mounir R'Quiba
Mounir R'Quiba
Mounir R'Quiba
Creator & CEO
Florent DAQUET
Florent DAQUET
Cybersecurity Expert
Amal R'Quiba
Amal R'Quiba
Sales and Marketing Director
Christian Romuald Nahi
Christian Romuald Nahi
Blockchain Developer
Simon Andriet
Simon Andriet
Artistic Director

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